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Everything you need to know to buy your significant other diamond earrings or a diamond ring!

To standardize descriptions of every diamond's characteristics, a language known as the 4Cs was developed and this is now universally spoken in the diamond world. Each of the four C's describes a diamond's specific characteristics. This will apply to any diamond earrings regardless of whether you decide to go with white gold, rose gold or platinum. The combination of these four elements gives a diamond its unique specification and forms of basis for its valuation.

Naturally-occurring features known as inclusions provide a special fingerprint within every diamond. Each of these factors will play a role in the final cost of your purchase however making an informed decision and purcasing from a trusted source like the NYC Diamond District will ensure you get the diamond studs for the price. Usually invisible to the naked eye, these tiny features are minerals which appeared while the diamonds were forming in the earth's core. A diamond's clarity refers to how free a diamond is from these tiny blemishes and inclusions. While they may appear to be yet another pair earrings, your significant other will know the nuances and differences between every pair.

Diamonds without features are rarer and so more expensive but small inclusions do not affect the beauty or the brilliance of a diamond. Polished Diamonds are graded for minute variations in color. From colorless to light yellow and light brown, this is universally known as the D-Z color scale. In this scale, colorless diamonds D, E, and F, show so little difference that it takes an expert to distinguish one from another. Carat is a measure of weight equivalent to 200 milligrams. As diamonds increase in size, they become increasingly rare in nature. As rarity is an important component of value, a one carat diamond will be worth a great deal more than two half carat diamonds of equal color, clarity, and cut. Being a very popular item the rose gold diamond studs available at the NYC Diamond District exemplify hand selected diamonds, fine craftsmanship and attention to every detail on every pair of earrings sold.

Cut is the most important factor in the sparkle of a diamond. Cut is expressed in terms of brilliance, fire, and scintillation of a diamond. Cut also refers to the shape of a diamond. A well-cut diamond will reflect light within itself from one mirror light facet to another. The cut of a diamond can also affect its visual size. See how the light dances around, it should throw out a rainbow of colors and display the diamond's pure brilliance. Rarer than rare, every fremont diamond is selected for its exceptional characteristics with a unique promise above and beyond the 4Cs.

Armed with this information you can now wow your loved one with a stunning pair of diamond earring studs for under $500 keeping your wallet intact. If you have any questions or need for advice please do not hesitate to get in touch with us as this is our passion and exactly why we are here for you.