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Many jewelry websites withhold information. They are afraid of the informed visitor. The NYC Diamond District loves the educated visitor. An informed visitor will recognize the quality and wisdom of purchasing diamonds and jewelry from the NYC Diamond District, the national source of quality diamonds and jewelry.

Just as fingerprints make you unique and set you apart from everyone else, diamonds have their unique fingerprints. It is more than that, however, that sets them apart. Each diamond has its own unique and distinct personality… characteristics that make them special and completely different from one diamond to the next.

Also just like people, we share commonalities that make us, and diamonds, recognizable for the beautiful beings that we are. The anatomy of a diamond can be recognized once it has been refined and cut.

Defining the Diamond’s Anatomy:

The Diamond’s Crown
This “Crown” can be found on the upper part of a diamond. It runs across the flat surface on the top (The Table) and ends at the widest point of the downward angle called the “Girdle.”

The Diamond’s Girdle
The place at the widest point of the diamond where the Pavilion and the Crown touch is called the Girdle.

The Diamond’s Pavilion
While this sounds like a place where the diamond would have a picnic and sing Karaoke, it is actually the downward angle from the Girdle to the Cutlet.

The Diamond’s Table
The flat top of the diamond (Top of the Crown) that allows light to enter and escape, giving a diamond its brilliance. For a better understanding of how this works, see the Cut page.

The Diamond’s Diameter
This measurement indicates the total width of the diamond as measured from Girdle edge to Girdle edge. The Diameter is usually not taken until the stone has been polished.

The Diamond’s Cutlet
The cute little pointed, faceted tip at the bottom of the diamond is called the “Cutlet.”

The Diamond’s Depth
The Depth is measured from the (Cute little) Cutlet to the flat table on the top of the diamond’s Crown.